Giorgio Agamben – “What is an Apparatus?

Giorgio Agamben – “What is a Paradigm?

Guy Debord – “Separation Perfected” from The Society of the Spectacle

Wendy Brown – Undoing the Demos: Neoliberalism’s Stealth Revolution (selections)

Thomas Elssaesser “Tales of Sound and Fury

Fassbinder, “Imitation of Life: On the Films of Douglas Sirk” from Anarchy of the Imagination

Michel Foucault – “The Subject and Power

Michel Foucault – “The Means of Correct Training” from Discipline and Punish

Gross/Haynes – “Antibodies: Larry Gross talks with Safe’s Todd Haynes

Todd Haynes – “Karen Carpenter: Getting to the Bare Bones of Todd Haynes’ Superstar: The Karen Carpenter Story” and “Cinematic/Sexual: An Interview with Todd Haynes”

Todd Haynes – “Intro to Three Screenplays

Ben Hervey, Night of the Living Dead 7-30, 116-121

Research and Destroy, “Communiqué from an Absent Future

Steve Shaviro – “Splice

Jane Stern/Michael Stern – “Two Weeks In Another Town: An Interview with Douglas Sirk” (link to article with images)

Jane Stern/Michael Stern –  “Two Weeks in Another Town: An Interview with Douglas Sirk” (PDF of article, no images)

Mckenzie Wark – Spectacle of Disintegration (selection)

Evan Calder Williams “Plague in the Gears” (selection)

Handout on Mise-en-scene